Voice & Data Cabling
For your voice and data network cabling needs, we have National Contractor Certifications for Category 5e, Category 6 and Fiber Optic cable installations.

We also provide installation of coaxial cable for CATV (cable TV) and CCTV (closed circuit TV).

Paging Systems
We offer expert configuration and installation of three popular paging systems: Single-zone paging uses an external amplifier (or amplifiers) with page announcements broadcast over all ceiling speakers and/or warehouse and external horns at the same time. Multi-zone paging allows you to access the paging system, specify a zone, and make your announcement to the desired zone. Talk-back paging allows access to the paging system to make your announcement and listen for a reply.

Using a Music-on-Hold (MOH) announcer assures your callers that their calls are still connected, and assists in generating the perception of shorter hold-times. Standard recordings can play music only or include generic announcements. When you add customized announcements, callers can learn more about your company's products and services resulting in greater cross-selling opportunities. Other customized options include more general information such as hours and locations.

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